USA Dance Southwest Regional
National Qualifying Event
WDSF OPEN Championships

Helpful Information ...

for the "New" Competitor

To qualify for the 2015 USA Dance National Championships ... a couple must enter, and dance, in an NQE
( National Qualifying Event)
Achieving a high order of placement is NOT currently required ... merely dancing is sufficient.

Every competitor MUST be a DanceSport Athlete member of USA Dance, Inc, in good standing.

Age Classifications

The following age classifications are based upon the individual's birthday, which occurs within
the calendar year 2015:
a) Pre-Teen: 11th or less
b) Junior: 12th thru 15th
c) Youth: 16th, 17th or 18th
d) Adult: 19th or greater
e) Senior I: 35th or greater
f) Senior II: 45th or greater
g) Senior III: 55th or greater
*Consult USA Dance Rulebook for additional information and exceptions

All NQEs adhere closely to the USA Dance rulebook.
Please be aware that a DanceSport Delegate will be present to ensure the careful following of all rules and procedures.
This is often an issue with regards to costuming and allowed figures. However, this is especially the case
with the costuming of young dancers.

***It is highly recommended that parents carefully study the Costume Regulations (Dress Code), to be
sure that your young competitors are costumed within the rules.

Entry Check-list

1) Be sure that both members of a couple have a current USA Dance DanceSport Membership ...
and that they will continue to be valid for the 2015 competition year.
2) Create an account on O2CM ... if you do not already have one. A single account may be used to enter
other DanceSport events, and additional members of your family.
3) Select the events that you wish to enter ... you may enter as many events and styles as you desire,
but are limited to 2 age groups and 2 proficiency levels, in any style.
4) Be sure to complete your entry by submitting payment by credit card ...
an entry is NOT considered complete, unless payment is received.
5) You may return to the O2CM entry site, as often as you want, to make changes, and complete payment, if necessary. However, Late Fees will be incured, if FINAL payment is made after Jan 1, 2015.
6) Be sure to familiarize yourself with the USA Dance Rulebook,
and specifically the Dress Regulations ... a DanceSport Delegate will be present, at the NQE,
to ensure that all rules are strictly followed.
7) If you have ANY questions, please feel comfortable asking, as we want you to have
an entirely satisfying and rewarding experience ... Call (949) 842-8284

We encourage every dancer to be aware of the rules,
and to contact us with any questions, or concerns ... we want to avoid last minute challenges.

Th Organizing Committee wants everyone to thoroughly enjoy the 2014 Southwest Regional NQE,
and have a great time in wonderful Southern California!


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